Whether you are a tenant looking to evaluate renewing, leasing or purchasing a particular property or a landlord needing to lease or sublease a space, Nick Boyd Real Estate Co. provides the tools and resources to assist you and your team to make the best decision possible. 

When working with tenants as their tenant representative, our team implements a systematic process to evaluate our client’s needs, locate the appropriate opportunity and negotiate a winning solution. There are several levers which can be moved on every lease transaction, ranging from limiting or eliminating a personal guarantee, maximizing a tenant improvement allowance or putting in place a first right of refusal for neighboring space to allow for future growth.

Using modern marketing strategies, combined with timeless sales tactics, our team markets the properties we represent through global channels, our extensive brokerage network and business owner database. 


Nick Boyd Real Estate Co. has a proven track record of helping business owners and investors locate the real estate they require at the best cost possible. We approach every project with the same diligent, calculated and personalized process to ensure that the acquisition is best for the buyer.


Our team uses the most up to date marketing platforms, time tested sales strategies, and utilizes our extensive network and relationships with key players. Due to this, we can achieve the highest potential price with the best terms possible for the sale of your property.

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